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( EPISODES 20in20 )
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   This is an icon challenge community.

   Welcome to the community! We are just like other 20in20 communities where you will have 20 days to create 20 icons. This community focuses on episodes, and when you sign up for a round, you will be able to claim any episode from any television show you would like!

   Within your 20 icons, there are 3 sets: 10 different themed icons that will change with each round, 5 category set icons (these icons will have a similar theme among all 5), and 5 artist choice, which means you can make 5 icons however you'd like. However, all 20 icons should fit within your claim for the round.

   After each round has ended, voting will be posted and open for a week, which you are encouraged to vote for your favorite icons! Please note, if you do not vote, you won't be eligible for a "mod's choice"!

  Will attempt to follow this schedule:
   - Sign-ups: 10 days before the 1st of the month
   - Themes/Info: 1st of the month
   - Round Over: 20th of the month
   - Voting: 21st of the month until end of the month

   * To participate, you must be a member of the community, so please join!
   * Icons must fit LJ standards (under 40kb, 100x100 pixels and either .png, .gif, or .jpg file format).
   * Animations are allowed as long as they fit within the standards listed above.
   * Once sign-ups open, you will be able to claim any episode from any show that you would like. An episode can ONLY be claimed by 1 person during each round. This is why when signing up, you should list a first choice and a second choice, in case someone claimed your first choice before you signed up.
   * You cannot claim the same episode 2 rounds in a row, however, you can claim the same episode that you chose 2 rounds ago. (ie. in round 3 you can claim the same episode as round 1) However: if you are unable to complete a round, you can claim the same episode in the next round as long as you create all new icons to fit with the new themes
   * You are allowed to use behind-the-scenes photos as long as they come from your claimed episode. BE 100% POSITIVE OF YOUR BTS PHOTOS
   * Icons created must be new and created specifically for the current round.
   * You may only enter once each round, and are allowed to claim 1 episode per round. This means if you are claiming an episode that is a 2-parter, you may only claim one of those episodes for a single round. You can always claim the other episode next round.
   * Make sure to post your icons to this journal, or your own (and link us to your PUBLIC journal) before voting goes up otherwise you will be ineligible to join the voting.
   * When posting to the community, please use 3 icon teasers and then either a lj-cut or link to your own journal. *all entries are moderated & don't worry about adding new tags*
   * Make sure to tag your post using the appropriate claim (if applicable), user tag (if you have one) and current round number.
   * When voting goes up, please make sure to vote for the quality of the icon, not the iconmaker. And do not vote for yourself or encourage others to vote for you!

Any questions, feel free to contact your mod crazycordy

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